Essential items from the first half of my pregnancy

Posted by Brett Redelman on 27 01 2017

Essential items from the first half of my pregnancy

By Joni Marie- mum-to-be and Editor of Little List of Mine

For more than 20 weeks now I’ve been busy working, travelling, turning my new house into a home, and, most importantly, growing a tiny human.

It has been a combination of excitement, nausea, tiredness and fun. Now that I am five months pregnant I wanted to share some of the useful things that helped me through the first half of my pregnancy.

  • For morning sickness: I found that a few things helped me ease my nausea during the first trimester, including mints, herbal tea and sometimes just having a small snack to settle my stomach.

  • For breakouts: One of the really fun hormonal gifts I received early on in my pregnancy was breakouts on my chin. I relied on my Go-To Skin CareExfoliating Swipeys and the Properly Cleancleanser to keep my skin in check.
  • For heart burn and reflux: Thank goodness for antacid tablets is all I can say! A healthy diet also helped ease these symptoms but if I needed the occasional splurge of a burger and chips I was incredibly grateful for these tablets for some relief.
  • For forgetfulness:While I’ve gained a baby in my belly, at times I also seemed to have lost of mind! My favourite watch from The Horse has helped keep me on track at times but I have also had to come to terms with the fact that my mind isn’t going to be 100% focused for a while.
  • For dehydration: The answer is just lots and lots and lots of water plus the occasional Hydralyte for the tough days.
  • For quick makeup:Sometimes a quick fix of makeup made me feel like I was more myself and when you are feeling tired and uncomfortable that can make such a huge difference. I relied on my Cliniquefoundation and mascara plus a swipe of my Benefit gimme brow to ensure my skin was looking good and my eyes and brows were defined.
  • For stretch marks: I have been using a combination of Bio oil and Go-To Skin CareExceptionoil to ensure my stomach and hips are as soft and nourished as they can be.
  • For dry skin: The combination of Ligurian Honey and blood orange scent makes this Maine Beach handcream irresistible. (Full disclosure, I may have also used it on my arms...and chest...and pretty much everywhere!)
  • For comfort: I cannot go past a pair of big, comfy trackpants from Bonds and giant t-shirts generously donated by my husband for something comfortable to change into after a long day at work or on my feet. The next step is investing in some really supportive and comfortable flats and I already have my eye on something from Shoes of Prey.
  • For memories: At about 10 weeks into my pregnancy I bought a special Kate Spade journal so that my husband and I could write letters to our little baby. It’s an easy little ritual that helps us share our feelings – our excitement, nervousness and joy – for our child to one day have and keep.

What about you? What did you find most useful during your pregnancy?