JIVE² Carbon Videos

Featuring a unique monochrome palette and refined geometric pattern, the Limited Edition JIVE² Carbon is inspired by precious Australian stones and minerals.


JIVE2 Carbon

Watch our helpful video of how to assemble your Redsbaby JIVE², including step-by-step instructions for assembling the bassinet, frame, wheels and seat.

JIVE2 Carbon
Daily Use

The Daily Use video shows how to use your pram, including folding and unfolding the chassis, how to recline the seat, adjust the footrest; how to use our ergonomic, five-point harness and telescopic handle bar.


JIVE2 Carbon
Tandem Assembly

The Tandem Assembly video specifically walks you through how to add the JIVE² Second Seat to your pram. The video shows step by step instructions on how to add the lower and upper adapters, as well as the second seat.

JIVE2 Carbon
Tandem Daily Use

Watch our helpful Tandem Daily Use video to show you how to fold your pram when in tandem mode and demonstrate the different combinations, from car capsule to bassinet to seat, whilst the second seat is attached.