JIVE³ Pram...

Award-winning pram that converts to a tandem

JIVE³ Pram

Award-winning pram that converts to a tandem


JIVE³ Pram


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4 interest-free payments of $224.75 AUD Afterpay

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  • What you get
    1. Main seat frame and fabrics
    2. Extra-large extension canopy
    3. JIVE³ bassinet
    4. Bassinet apron
    5. Bumper bar
    6. Bassinet adaptors
    7. 12kg shopping basket
    8. Front and rear wheels
    9. JIVE³ chassis
  • Weights
    • Chassis (with wheels and basket): 8.3kg
    • Bassinet: 4.9kg
    • Main seat (with all fabrics and seat frame): 3.6kg
    • In bassinet mode: 13.2kg
    • In single mode: 11.9kg
  • Maximum Loads
    • Bassinet: 9kg
    • Seat: 20kg
    • Shopping basket: 12kg
  • Dimensions
    • Folded with seat: D 40cm x W 58.5cm x L 88cm
    • Bassinet: D 23cm x L 77cm x W 37cm
    • Bassinet (when in overnight mode): D 27cm x L 77cm x W 37cm
    • Seat: H 53cm x D 22cm x W 30cm
    • Knee to footrest: 22m
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the JIVE³ bassinet be used for overnight sleeping?

Yes. The JIVE³ bassinet has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping, in accordance with ASTM F2194, and when used with the Redsbaby JIVE³/METRO³ Bassinet Stand. For further information regarding overnight sleeping, please read the article here.

Can I use my JIVE³ Bassinet for overnight sleeping without the stand?

No. In order to be suitable for overnight sleeping, the flap at the footend of the JIVE³ bassinet must be lifted and must be used on the on the bassinet stand. For further information regarding overnight sleeping, please read the article here.

Is the JIVE³ suitable for newborns?

Yes, the JIVE³ is suitable for newborns to use from birth. It comes with a separate, free-standing bassinet designed to provide a comfortable environment for your newborn to lie in a fully flat position. This is important for the development of your baby’s spine and neck muscles.

How much does the JIVE³ weigh?

The JIVE³ weighs less than 12kg, which includes the chassis, wheels, basket, seat and extension canopy; making it one of the lightest prams in its class.

Do you have capsule adaptors available for the JIVE³ to enable a travel system?

Yes, we sell capsule adaptors for Maxi-Cosi (Mico, Mico AP and Citi from 2013) as well as the Joie i-Gemm and Nuna Pipa capsules. We also have adaptors that are compatible with Britax Unity Neos and Unity Isofix produced from 2013 onwards. Please note that models produced earlier than 2013 and Steelcraft capsules are not compatible. The Britax adaptors are the same adaptors that you receive with your Redsbaby bassinet; however, they are also available for individual sale on our website.

How long is the warranty claim period for the JIVE³ pram?

For all Redsbaby 2020 prams, the warranty claim period if 24 months. The warranty claim period begins from the date your pram is dispatched from the Redsbaby warehouse in Sydney.

How do I clean my Redsbaby JIVE³?

For all plastic and metal parts of your Redsbaby pram, use warm water and a mild detergent to sponge the parts clean, then allow them to air dry. For all fabric parts of your Redsbaby pram, use warm water and a mild detergent to sponge the fabric clean, then allow to air dry. It is important that no abrasive or corrosive cleaning products are used on your Redsbaby pram. In addition, you should not use any product that contain alcohol, as this may cause stains, discolouration and damage, particularly to the leatherette parts of your pram.

What regular maintenance does the JIVE³ need?

It is recommended that you spray any moving parts of your Redsbaby pram, such as the wheel and folding mechanism, with a silicone lubricant once every 8-12 weeks. This will ensure your Redsbaby pram is kept at optimal operating use.

Note: Lubricants should only be used sparingly, as overuse may encourage accumulation of dirt in the moving parts. You should only use a lubricant marked as a ‘Silicone Lubricant’. Using another lubricant, such as WD40, could deteriorate the plastic parts of your pram as well as interfere with its structural integrity.