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JIVE³ Pram

Award-winning pram that converts to a tandem

Additional Features


  • What you get
    1. Main seat frame and fabrics
    2. Extra-large extension canopy
    3. JIVE³ bassinet
    4. Bassinet apron
    5. Bumper bar
    6. Bassinet adaptors
    7. 12kg shopping basket
    8. Front and rear wheels
    9. JIVE³ chassis
  • Weights
    • Chassis (with wheels and basket): 8.3kg
    • Bassinet: 4.9kg
    • Main seat (with all fabrics and seat frame): 3.6kg
    • In bassinet mode: 13.2kg
    • In single mode: 11.9kg
  • Maximum Loads
    • Bassinet: 9kg
    • Seat: 20kg
    • Shopping basket: 12kg
  • Dimensions
    • Folded with seat: D 40cm x W 58.5cm x L 88cm
    • Bassinet: D 23cm x L 77cm x W 37cm
    • Bassinet (when in overnight mode): D 27cm x L 77cm x W 37cm
    • Seat: H 53cm x D 22cm x W 30cm
    • Knee to footrest: 22m
  •  Download full spec sheet